Friday, October 14, 2011


Rockstar Games is a developer and publisher that lives up to their name. They have consistently delivered good games, but oftentimes good is too far an understatement. They've started franchises such as "Midnight Club," "Max Payne," "Red Dead Redemption," and the popular and controversy "Grand Theft Auto." Earlier this year they published the innovative "L.A. Noire," which far too people are remembering was developed by Team Bondi). Their games are usually for mature audiences, but there is no denying how well they actually make games. This week we have two items of note from the legendary company.

"Red Dead Redemption" (my pick for best game of 2010) is appropriately crowned with a "Game of the Year" edition. I called this back in July, not like it was that unexpected though. It includes the full game, the "Undead Nightmare" expansion, and all the multiplayer DLC. If you still haven't picked up this game, now is the time to do so and this is the version to get. "Red Dead Redemption" boats a massive wild west open-world set just after the turn of the century. It breathes and behaves like it should, complete with a wide array of wildlife and plentiful things to do. The single-player story is among the most entertaining, compelling, and thought-provoking I have ever encounter in a video game. "Undead Nightmare" is exactly what is says and changes the entire way you play the game (with zombies of course).Then there is all the multiplayer options. There's your standard Deathmatch options, Grab the Bag, and even a Horde mode where you team up with others against wave after wave of undead cowboys. The highlight is the Free Roam where you can form posses with friends and strangers alike and do whatever the heck you want. Seriously, play this game. Here is Rockstar Newswire regarding "Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year."

What's more? Rockstar Games is celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of the title that chagned video games forever, "Grand Theft Auto III." The game will be coming to iOS and Android devices later this fall! It seems an interesting choice. I currently don't have any such device to support it, but I can always play it on my original Xbox. How do you think such a game will play on the iPad2 and company? It seems very much meant for a controller, but I don't doubt Rockstar's abilities. "GTA III" is a remarkable game and still holds up a decade later. I spent significant time with it just last year. It was a pioneer in the sandbox and open-world movement of games that I, for one, fell head over heels for! The freedom-induced gameplay is exhilarating and the sprawling city awaits your royal thug-ness. When GameInformer did their "Top 200 Games of All-Time" about two years ago it ranked number 4 for a reason. Actually, for several reasons.

Along with that news Rockstar announced a limited edition Claude (the anti-hero you play as in "GTA III") action-figure! The specifics: "This fully articulated 1:6 scale action figure of Claude comes dressed in his original attire of cargo pants and a bomber jacket, but can also sport his iconic Liberty City Prison-issued jumpsuit (supplied) and comes equipped with an arsenal of classic weapons from Grand Theft Auto III including a bat, knife, grenades, pistol, sniper rifle, and assault rifle." It's not cheap (at $150), but is currently for sale from the Rockstar Warehouse should you consider yourself that much of a fan. Rockstar Newswire has more on these "GTA III" announcements.

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