Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Release: Summer 2012
Platform: XBLA

Developer: Tequila Works
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

As you may know, I am a huge fan of XBLA. Xbox 360's downloadable market has a rich pool of great games, many I constantly go back to and probably an equal amount that I still need to catch up with. One of my all-time favorites is Playdead Studio's debut, "Limbo." A recent favorite would be "The Walking Dead" adaptation by Telltale. Well, mix the two of those and you'd get something that looks like this...

I hadn't heard about "Deadlight" until yesterday when I stumbled upon this trailer and was happily surprised. The shadow-y side-scrolling mechanic that "Limbo" pioneered is altered a bit to create a world with more depth. The dying city backdrop adds to the game's name and tones. Like "Shadow Complex," arguably the best XBLA title ever released, the side-scrolling is fast paced and action-packed. Graphic novel-esque cutscenes add to the game's flavor, making this a chaotic, violent, but altogether stylish game.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


(Author's Note: Hey gamers, long time no word. My apologies. As I've stated in earlier posts, this is a blog that I may not update regularly but also one that I don't want to forsake. I am so interested in these things we call video games that I know I want a place to talk about them. I may be starting a new place for such desires, but more details on that when it's for sure. Until then enjoy what I post in the meantime, like this exciting new computer game, "Among the Sleep"!)

* * *

Among the Sleep
Release Date: 2013
Platform: PC / Mac

Developer: Krillbite Studios
Publiher: Krillbite Studios

Creepy and wonderful, am I right? "Among the Sleep" lets players control a two-year child in a survival-horror romp. You may want to read that sentence again.

Newcomers Krillbite Studios describe the experience with the following:

"In 'Among the Sleep' you take on the role of a young child. You have yet to develop a full sense of reality, making you weak and susceptible to the horrifying creatures inhabiting your nightmares.

One particular night a dramatic event occurs, forcing you to flee from your home and enter a surreal world. Only accompanied by Teddy, you must overcome many hardships to stay alive and find a way home."

I don't know about you, but that makes me very interested. I hope Teddy is similar to the one in Spielberg's "A.I." That would make a great companion for a protagonist that cannot speak. If you ever played "Fallout 3" you got a brief taste of playing a baby in a first-person game. (Hell, that one even let us relive our own birth sequence!) Thankfully (for multiple reasons) Krillbite has announced that this is not a first-person shooter.

The trailer is actual gameplay; it is looks adequately terrifying. The house-shaking physics are a very nice touch. Such realism consistently impresses me. Look for "Among the Sleep" sometime next year!

Live on. Game on.