Friday, February 24, 2012



Just like "Gamer Pix" (where I present a "picture of the day") this is a segment of The Video Game Tome where I will highlight a "video of the day," typically a short one at that. Do not let the name deceive you however, this probably won't be a daily thing. In the least I hope to share a VOTD on at least one of my main blogs, this being one of them. When I started "Gamer Pix" last november it was with a screenshot from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." It is only fitting that the first video I share is "Skyrim"-related too. Enjoy the videos.

Do yourself a favor and start following the Warialasky channel on YouTube. These are the guys behind the "Lazy Jedi" video and clearly they have a thing for video games. I'm sure I'll highlight some of their other stuff in due time. Today they posted "Skyrim: Modern Dovahkiin" (see above). "Skyrim" was widely considered last year's (which was a very good year for games and films alike) best. I consider it one of the best I have ever played. 

Just one of the elements that brought that game to greatness was the fully orchestrated music by series veteran Jeremy Soule. The main theme of which, "Dragonborn" ("Dovahkiin" in dragon tongue), was rendered by a barbaric choir. It's the stuff epics are made. Watch this video to see a neo take on the theme, with the manly vocals we've come to recognize (courtesy of BYU's own Men's Chorus). Besides the rockin' music the visuals feel right at home to anyone who has trudge through Skyrim's harsh tundra. Kotaku is already raving about it this morn. Yep, that's Provo in the winter... I don't know how I didn't know this was going on right in my town, but at least I can enjoy the final product. I hope you do too!