Saturday, September 8, 2012


Remember Me
May 2013
PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment

Published by Capcom

I came across a Tweet from IGN this morning, "Check out 10 minutes of gameplay for 'Remember Me.'" I had never heard of this upcoming title (the first release from Dontnod Entertainment), but the name intrigued me and I was willing to surprise myself. Glad I did because "Remember Me" looks pretty and neat. It's on my radar now. "Remember Me"? Yes, I will.

While the game is still a ways off (Q2 2013) the level on display in the video above looks remarkably polished. The majority of the 10 minutes has Nilin, a memory hunter, escaping aeriel fire across the rooftops of Neo-Paris circa 2084. Imagine a third-person "Mirror's Edge" (with red pipes to shimmy and all) with a heavier dose of sci-fi and more room for melee combat. This might be the most bullets ever fired at someone who never takes a hit as she runs, jumps, climbs and grapples her way along a linear route, but that's what our action adventures are allowed occasionally - especially if the "cool factor" is met. Watch the way Nilin totally dismantles a pair of guards she meets in the hallway. And whatever is she doing with their heads as a finishing move? Something regarding their memories, which leads into the story of the futuristic action game (with hopefully little-to-none gunfire).

There is something special about "chase levels" in games. Yes, they can be infuriating trial-and-error exercises, but when you pull it all off in a single go there are few moments quite as satisfying. While we keep our fingers crossed for a sequel to "Mirror's Edge" (thoug I guess I should get around to finishing the first game before I deserve that) "Remember Me" might just be the next thing we've been waiting for. High concepts from the likes of "Inception" also seem on display here. Those are two fine influences, but "Remember Me" also looks to bring plenty of its own style and substance to the party.

Live on. Game on.

Friday, September 7, 2012


via Reddit

For "Minecraft" players the Creeper has fast become one of the most loathed enemies in all of video games. They creep up on you silently, whether you are mining meters under the ground or picking flowers in the forest... Then you hear that "Ssssssssss!," a fuse-like sting of doom. Unless you act fast enough or have yourself a fancy set of armor, it is almost a sure way to die - or sometimes worse, a blow to your establishment. The simple design of this monster has become iconic in the past couple of years, but until now nobody has considered what it is that makes creepers tick... or in this case, tick, tick, boom! Well, now with the above anatomy of the Creeper we can understand how they work. This creative fanart actually makes the Creeper even creepier...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This edition of Gamer Vid comes from the "The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim" modding community, particularly a creative fellow in Russia. Just sit back and enjoy the bear lute show! Surely this beast graduated from bard school with full honors. I could imagine this conjuration spell definitely coming in handy during a skirmish. Bandits, necromancers, giants, and dragons will be stopped in their tracks at the surf music and entertainment. What other fun "Skyrim" mods have you seen?

Live on. Game on.