Monday, July 11, 2011


gameinformer pleasantly surprised me today by covering the story, "New Record Set For Lowest-Scoring 'Super Mario Bros.' Run."  YouTube user, NotEntirelySure, has posted an 8-minute video of his play-through of the classic game wherein he scores a 600 (watch it above). He has edited some for time sake (he waits until the very last second to touch the bottom of the flagpole). On the video's page, NotEntirelySure says he has "the (almost) lowest score possible," though I'm not sure where or how he could have done better (er... worse).

Honestly, I think setting the low-score for a game like this may be even more difficult than setting the high-score. The dynamic is the same: precise dodging, measured jumping, and careful timing, but your mentality to the pieces must change. Now you treat coins like you would a spiky enemy! There is more to avoid and so it is harder. gameinformer user Wildehunter pointed out in a comment, "3:20 brilliant!!" That moment most certainly is.

If you looked up "impressive" in the dictionary, you might see NotEntirelySure's moves on world 8-3.

*Updated 7.17.2011*

Monday, July 4, 2011


Dan Rychert over at gameinformer posted a very fitting article this morning: "The Most Patriotic Games To Play on the Fourth." It lists games that are quintessential American experiences.

Of course, I was overjoyed at their inclusion of "Red Dead Redemption." (It seems I am always finding opportunity to write about that game.) The setting is 1911 and seems to document the transition from the Old West to the New West. The open-world is a micro tribute to our country with both coasts and the various climes found in-between. And of course, there is a re-telling of Mexico to be found below. Rockstar has always been great at capturing visions of America, often with biting satire, but always with meticulous detail and care. Notice the American flag behind John Marston on the game's cover? It's an American tale. By the way, this is the main game I played today.

Some other reactions: "Redneck Rampage," which I heretofore have never heard of, is a rather humorous choice. What a compelling synopsis! The latest and worst-est (or so I hear) in the "Duke Nukem" franchise has made the list. I have not given those tasteless games a chance nor do I care to. In my humble opinion, it's a shame they are brought up on the subject of America.

There are some other interesting choices, most I haven't played. I really do appreciate someone else's experiences and opinions. So what do you think of Rychert's list? If you were writing the article what would you have put on there (or not have put on there)? "Freedom Fighters," one of last generation's finest cross-platform titles, comes to my mind. Though it is set in an alternate history where the Soviet Union persisted and the Iron Curtain extended, it is about an underground group of New Yorkers who resist when America is invaded. As the title suggests, it is very much a fight for freedom (served with a Molotov Cocktail).

Though I don't care for the sport, many folk say there's nothing more American than baseball. (Heck, it was even included on today's Google doodle!) Although "NFL Blitz" made the list, representing an arguably more American sport? After all, we do call it American football.

I wonder... Are there any Revolutionary War games? Follow-up question, are there any good Revolutionary War games?

Friday, July 1, 2011


Rockstar's open-world Western, "Red Dead Redemption," not only became one of my favorite games in recent years, but one of my favorites of all-time. They followed up the game with some impressive DLC packs (mainly to boost the already extensive multiplayer), the latest and most elaborate of which was "Undead Nightmare," which added a new single-player campaign and even more multiplayer options! Overall, it was an impressive run of add-ons and myself and others were more than content with the modern masterpiece, thinking that we had seen it all for this installment.

Imagine my surprise and delight (or perhaps you'll experience it for yourself) when I saw @RockstarGames, who I follow on Twitter, Tweet this Tweet just two days ago. Plain and simple: In the coming weeks Rockstar will announce future DLC for "Red Dead Redemption"! Yeehaw! My cowboy avatar is already polishing his spurs for the occasion.

What's more? Earlier this week, Rockstar announced the Quadruple XP event that is officially underway and will go until midnight on July 4th. Jump into multiplayer for your Xbox 360 or PS3 to begin reaping these benefits. All multiplayer modes (even Free Roam!) will take your experience and times it by four! I took advantage of the opportunity and played a couple rounds of Undead Overrun earlier today. Two others and I made it 8 rounds one time. That battle was fierce and there were too many close-calls than I'd like to remember... Best of all, each time I garnered at least 2000 XP! I will continue to capitalize on this current event and hopefully reach level 20 (or more?) by the time it is over.

Now (especially this weekend...) is as good a time as any to pick up this game if you haven't already. Sure, there will inevitably and eventually be a "Game of the Year" version of sorts with all the DLC included, which would no doubt be the best buy, but if you haven't picked up the game and played through the single-player and tried your hand at the multiplayer (as the gameplay photo above depicts, forming a posse with other players looks and feels so awesome), you are missing out on one of the finest experiences video games currently have to offer.