Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Oftentimes I do not get the opportunity to even try out the game for myself. Such is the case for non-professional gamers, critics, and fanboys. Three important schools that I subscribe to. Last week Rockstar Games announced that for the 10 Year Anniversary of their mega-hit "Grand Theft Auto III," one of the most influential games of all-time, it would be hitting iOS and Android systems later this year. I wrote on that story here.

Well, now we have received actually gameplay footage from the New York ComicCon this week. What you'll see above is roughly 90-seconds of uncut action of the game as played on an iPad. It becomes immediately apparent that the controls are going to take some getting used. If you've done much gaming on an iPhone or iPad then you know one of the two mechanics they use for movement in a 3D realm. You get a small circle in a bottom corner and wherever you place your finger or thumb in that (micro) area your onscreen avatar will move in the (macro) direction respectively. It's weird and I don't think it will every feel as natural as an analog thumbstick, which I believe is the most natural and control-friendly way to move in gaming. Besides that adjustment you are given onscreen "buttons" that control different actions. When a car came within jacking distance a car icon appeared onscreen. Running, jumping, and punching buttons seem to always be available (as they should for a thug like you).

It appears that whoever is playing is not that good at it (the video begins just after they get wasted and then later the owner of the car they commandeered hijacks them right back). However, if you pay attention you'll probably notice they seem to be doing it one-handed while probably recording this footage with the other hand. Unfortunately, this video doesn't show us how driving and shooting (not at the same time mind you, but those actions respectively) are going to function on touchscreen version. That will be interesting to see when we receive more footage of this great game on a foreign system.

All in all, it looks just about as good as it did on PS2, maybe even as good as it did on Xbox. Of course, it is easier to make that happen on a smaller display. I'm sure my iPhone could not handle it, but I hope to try it on someone else's eventually.

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