Saturday, October 29, 2011


It seems like we are always playing zombie video games, but this weekend? Tis the season! With the second season of "The Walking Dead" currently airing and a seeming supply of never-ending games featuring the undead likeness, now is as good a time as any to try and survive the zombie apocalypse (at least in a virtual reality).

I recently was shown the site Complex at a VGAME meeting, which has a solid gaming section complete with one of my favorite features, lists! I've been looking around today for Halloween-related rankings and Complex alone had a few. Here's the first one I'd like to promote: "The 10 Best Free-To-Play Zombie Games."

I wasn't familiar with any of these beforehand, so I consider this a very informative gallery. Thus far I've only checked out "Zombie Taxi 2," which I quickly learned I was horrible at. Using the arrow keys to steer a car in top-down view is not an easy feat. I wondered how the hell I operated "Grand Theft Auto 2" back in the day... I've expressed before how I prefer a controller over mouse and keyboard for gaming any day (except for obvious exceptions like point-and-click adventures and real-time strategies). Anyways, back to "Zombie Taxi 2," Complex's number 10. The object is to pick up survivors in your taxi (which you can eventually customize in some ways) and bring them to safe zones, all the while turning the undead denizens of the city into roadkill. Well, I spent most of my session crashing into building and accidentally running over zombies and survivors alike. The one person I did save I picked up in the safe zone!

Complex made a point of wanting more from games than just "shooting zombies" in their foreword for this list. They said these 10 were games that "breathe life into the living dead" (I like that). Well, just from looking and reading it seems many of these games also feature, yes, "shooting zombies." The reason I was quick to play "Zombie Taxi 2" was because it had no gun involved. The other game that really stood out among the undead crowd was "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2." It seems to be a point-and-click outing that gives the player plenty of chances to choose wisely or poorly.

As students, a lot of us are the target demographic for free-to-play games. They may lack the polish and production value of other games, but- Wait! You've probably heard something like that before and isn't it true? That might be why I don't play a lot of free-to-play games, because I happen to be a fan of polish and production. That said, there are plenty of indie games with charm and innovation and might certainly be worth a gamer's time. It is important to keep our eyes open for those free-to-play titles (at least the best of them). I will hopefully get around to trying more of the games on this list, but I wanted to get it out there in time for Halloween.

What do you think of the list? Have you played any of these titles? What other zombie games deserve a shuffle in the limelight?

Live on. Game on.

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