Thursday, October 13, 2011


So, I finally made myself a Reddit account. Took me long enough, I know. I went to the "Gaming" page and riding at number 2 was a link to these video game related jack-o'-lanterns (including the above from the classic "Oregon Trail"). I thought it was pretty sweet, even if the games they chose were quite random. Also, this is the ideal time of year for this sort of activity and art.

I found myself Googling "jack o' lantern video games" and found a trove of them! Check out "50 Video Game Jack-O'-Lanterns" as posted by Geeks Podcast almost a year ago today. Their number 1 is iconic. It looks meant to be.

Vault Boy (from "Fallout") has to be my favorite. What is yours?

These are sweet eh? Pumpkin carving is no easy task and taking on some of these designs seems more than daunting. Maybe I could do a "Pong" one...

Live on. Game on.

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