Monday, July 11, 2011


gameinformer pleasantly surprised me today by covering the story, "New Record Set For Lowest-Scoring 'Super Mario Bros.' Run."  YouTube user, NotEntirelySure, has posted an 8-minute video of his play-through of the classic game wherein he scores a 600 (watch it above). He has edited some for time sake (he waits until the very last second to touch the bottom of the flagpole). On the video's page, NotEntirelySure says he has "the (almost) lowest score possible," though I'm not sure where or how he could have done better (er... worse).

Honestly, I think setting the low-score for a game like this may be even more difficult than setting the high-score. The dynamic is the same: precise dodging, measured jumping, and careful timing, but your mentality to the pieces must change. Now you treat coins like you would a spiky enemy! There is more to avoid and so it is harder. gameinformer user Wildehunter pointed out in a comment, "3:20 brilliant!!" That moment most certainly is.

If you looked up "impressive" in the dictionary, you might see NotEntirelySure's moves on world 8-3.

*Updated 7.17.2011*

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  1. That was a fantastic playthrough! He must have practiced quite a bit. Now I wonder if there is some way to get past that gap without getting a coin or jumping on a goomba?