Monday, July 4, 2011


Dan Rychert over at gameinformer posted a very fitting article this morning: "The Most Patriotic Games To Play on the Fourth." It lists games that are quintessential American experiences.

Of course, I was overjoyed at their inclusion of "Red Dead Redemption." (It seems I am always finding opportunity to write about that game.) The setting is 1911 and seems to document the transition from the Old West to the New West. The open-world is a micro tribute to our country with both coasts and the various climes found in-between. And of course, there is a re-telling of Mexico to be found below. Rockstar has always been great at capturing visions of America, often with biting satire, but always with meticulous detail and care. Notice the American flag behind John Marston on the game's cover? It's an American tale. By the way, this is the main game I played today.

Some other reactions: "Redneck Rampage," which I heretofore have never heard of, is a rather humorous choice. What a compelling synopsis! The latest and worst-est (or so I hear) in the "Duke Nukem" franchise has made the list. I have not given those tasteless games a chance nor do I care to. In my humble opinion, it's a shame they are brought up on the subject of America.

There are some other interesting choices, most I haven't played. I really do appreciate someone else's experiences and opinions. So what do you think of Rychert's list? If you were writing the article what would you have put on there (or not have put on there)? "Freedom Fighters," one of last generation's finest cross-platform titles, comes to my mind. Though it is set in an alternate history where the Soviet Union persisted and the Iron Curtain extended, it is about an underground group of New Yorkers who resist when America is invaded. As the title suggests, it is very much a fight for freedom (served with a Molotov Cocktail).

Though I don't care for the sport, many folk say there's nothing more American than baseball. (Heck, it was even included on today's Google doodle!) Although "NFL Blitz" made the list, representing an arguably more American sport? After all, we do call it American football.

I wonder... Are there any Revolutionary War games? Follow-up question, are there any good Revolutionary War games?

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