Wednesday, June 1, 2011



A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled "Tomekeeping" for The Film Tome: "Y'know, like housekeeping, but on a Tome's behalf." Well, how about I take the same name/term and give a different meaning: The act of continuing a tome once thought retired.

Ah, yes... return of the "book dust blow." This is a literal depiction of blowing the dust off a tome, an act I will now perform in a different way by bringing back The Video Game Tome.


Back in March, in an effort to de-clutter my life, I sent out a message regarding AllMoPs. I announced I would be ceasing my weekly "All Manner of Plugs" emails and that I would be deleting some of my blogs (i.e. this one and AllMoPs). And so, The Video Game Tome nearly became a tomb. I remember actually deleting it, but good ole' Blogspot gives you the option to reclaim it during a grace period of a month or so. Soon after I chose to reclaim it. You see, I realized that just keeping the blogs was not going to hurt. What if I had an urge to write about gaming and I did not have specialized place for those words? Sure, I could write it elsewhere, but it would be nice to have a place entirely devoted to video games. Besides, I already have a few previous posts that have built somewhat of a foundation for the gamer I am. It is much like whether or not you have a gun when spelunking creepy chasms: You would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. A similar case could be said for someone who has a vigor for writing and an inquisitiveness for video games.

I will have thoughts, opinions, philosophies, critiques, and analyses regarding the wide, wide world of games. Specifically, I will share about the select games I actually choose to spend time with from that insurmountable amount. Having said that, here should certainly be time and effort spent on behalf of the concept and culture of games themselves.

Without further ado: The Video Game Tome, officially kept. Well, it was already here before now. It will be here when I need it and I invite you to visit along the way.

Why the screenshot from "Super Mario Bros."? I wondered that too... Then I found answers: The sky is blue with a cloud or two, an invitation to come out and play. It is World 1-1, though we have already come a little ways and garnered some points. But oh, there is much more to be had! There is still time. (Yes, there be meanings here. Find one and then another. Life is beautiful.) Cue that music we know and love.

Game on. Live on.

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