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The Nintendo 3DS will surely stick out when it hits store shelves this Sunday (March 27th). Again, what happened to tubular Tuesdays? Anyways, are you going to be picking one up? IGN was kind enough to post their written and video reviews of the new system more than a week in advance for those wondering if it is a worthwhile investment. They are fair enough to point out the awesome-ness and problems the 3DS bears. They gave the 3DS a score of 7.5. I recommend reading or watching why. Perhaps the most dreadful characteristic is that it will not even last three hours of 3D gameplay after a full charge. That fact and that many of the most-wanted titles (e.g. "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time") are not even available at launch. Still, I can only imagine how cool the it is. The AR-games sound revolutionary. As far as systems go, Nintendo has one of the best track records around.  More than ever before, it is impossible to truly tell how it is without hands-on experience, which I personally hope to get an opportunity to do in the near future.

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Let me just say that I am big fan of these "Gameplay Series." I never would have thought Rockstar would be the company to class up the joint ("the joint" in this phrase being the video game industry), but that is exactly what they are doing with these fine video advertisements, which boast key elements of their upcoming game. They ran a similar marketing campaign for "Red Dead Redemption," which largely led me to pick up the game on opening day, a game that I will readily re-declare as the best of 2010 (or any year for that matter). We have the likes of Visceral Game and Electronic Arts running the whole "Your Mom Hates This" campaign, call me family-oriented, but I felt it was highly pathetic. Anyways, check out the stellar "Investigation and Interrogation" video. This has officially become my second most anticipated game of the year (and May 17th is not far away)!

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" received a Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer last week via a Developer Diary. "Deus Ex: Invisible War" is among my personal Game Hall of Fame. I am excited for more stealth/action gameplay in a futuristic world where biomods are a reality. August 23rd is the day.

Check out this gameplay trailer for "Rage." I cannot be alone in thinking of "Fallout 3" in comparison. A wide, war-torn, apocalyptic environment in which an FPS is set? Heck, both are even referred to as the "Wasteland." Still, id always cooks up something special, especially technically. You can get your rage on come September 13th. (Hey! Isn't that the cave troll from "LOTR" at the end there?)

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Cracked is often a trustworthy source for entertaining truths. Yesterday they featured a comic that addresses "The Good the Bad and the Awful of Video Games." Several important points. Thanks be to my roommate for bringing this to my attention.

Epic (the developer behind the "Gears of War" series) recently unleashed a tech demo, known as "Samaritan," showcasing what is possible with Unreal Engine 3. Check out the savants of IGN's analysis in Rewind Theater. Is this what next-gen is going to look like? I. Hope. So.

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  1. I also hated the Your Mom Hates This ad campaign. Too bad because I hear the game is awesome. I am looking forward to numerous games this year, and the tech demo made my mouth water and my thumbs twitch (metaphorically anyway). I also really enjoyed the Cracked comic about video games, and I especially agreed with the section about the future.