Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Do you seriously consider yourself a gamer and have not purchased any of the Humble Indie Bundles?

If you answered "Yes." to the above question, allow me to ask another question. What is wrong with you?

Perhaps you are heartless and want nothing to do with helping any charities whatsoever. Perhaps you believe in being charged more money for less games. Perhaps, dare I suggest it, you do not care for the video game industry. Or, perhaps, you do not even know about the Humble Indie Bundles, in which case you best keep on reading.

Dear reader, I am not hear to mock you to scorn, rather, I am hear to tell you about one of the greatest things under the sun, the Humble Indie Bundles!

I was fortunate enough to hear about these terrific treasure troves from the start with the first Humble Indie Bundle (May 2010), wherein I got the likes of "World of Goo" and "Lugaru HD" too. I am still grateful to my 
cousin for pointing me in its direction. It has been the best deal in gaming ever since then.

Check out this advertisement for the current Humble Indie Bundle #4. This one is absolutely ridiculous (in the best way possible) with 12 games (including the contemporary classic that is "Super Meat Boy")! An over $100 value for whatever value you deem fit. As the catchy theme song tells you, "Pay what you want, DRM free, cross platform, and it helps charity."

Indie games ought not be thought of as lesser games. While they don't cost near as much as the blockbuster titles do nor do they require the latest and greatest software, these are unique experiences that always keep things fun. From my experience indie games are among the more innovative video games out there. Limitations can increase creativity. Furthermore, art has no limits and some of these games beg to be labeled as such.

Also, don't argue that your computer can't handle these titles. I'm sure it can. I have no such "gaming computer" and can still play 90% of the titles included in the bundles.

You can be a cheap bastard or a generous fellow, pay the price you want and even choose how it is distributed among the developers, charities, and Humble Indie Bundle itself.

At the end of the day, it is all about the games and if Humble Indie Bundle did not shine in this department I would not be raving about it the way I am. From modern masterpieces like "Braid" to obscure experiences like "Osmos." These games are fun and rewarding. Last bundle featured "The Binding of Isaac," which I am still playing and loving every disturbing minute of.

Last question: What are you waiting for? This might be one of the best bundles yet (it is hard to say because they are all worth getting). There has never been a better time to join the party. Wait, back at the beginning was the best time to join, but now is good too! The folks at Humble Indie Bundle live and die by their mantra, "Pay what you want for awesome games and help charity," and so should every gamer!

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