Thursday, September 29, 2011


Here is a simple and short animation entitled "Beating Tetris." You've all played the game. It is among the world's oldest and most popular, which makes this short all the more familiar.

Its genius is that it plays with the core mechanics of the game "Tetris." Our gun-toting protagonist finds himself (after blasting holes through a wall) stuck in the bottom of a "Tetris" board. A new game is born. The falling blocks are his only escape, yet when they make a complete row (from one wall to the other) they disappear. That is usually the key to beating the game, but ends up being a hinderance for our hero.

The animation reaches brilliance when the nameless action star finds himself in the "coming next" display box. It turns out that space doesn't just predict, it determines. As various poses of him fall he is bewildered and we are admires of the sheer creativity. He is still in a predicament.

The game taunts him with untold "L"s. Is he a loser? No! He does win the game in the end, hence the name of the short. The finale gets downright crude, but we can be thankful of its briefness. Let us not dwell upon the source of the blocks, but rather the imaginative boundlessness that games give us, especially when we think about breaking through wall and beating them in a unique way. Still, we will wonder what that character at the end represents. It is clearly Bowser, the infamous boss from the "Mario" games. Why is he here?

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